Brake service

Your brakes should be inspected at
least once a year.
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Brake Service in Staten Island

It is our recommendation that you have a brake service if there is a low or spongy brake pedal or if you continuously hear squealing or grinding noises when pressing on your brake pedal


These flat pads comprised with frictional
material make contact with the rotor, bringing your vehicle to a stop.


Used mostly in rear braking systems, brake shoes press against the inside of your brake drum to cause friction, slowing or stopping your vehicle.


The brake hose carries brake fluid from the solid steel brake lines on your vehicle’s frame to the caliper or wheel cylinder. Flexible brake hoses are necessary to allow the caliper or wheel cylinder to move freely with your vehicle’s suspension.


Signs of wear:
Brake lockup
Vehicle pulls to the left or right when brakes are applied
Reduced braking force
Spongy brake pedal feeling
Brake pedal pulsation
Longer stopping distances
Fluid leakage near caliper