Engine Repair

When your vehicle shows any sign of trouble, bring it to AMG Auto Repair for full-service engine repair in Staten Island, NY.
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Engine repair in Staten Island

If your car needs a new engine and you are not ready to invest in a new car, consider having the engine rebuilt.

Engine  Repair and Build

This involves replacing or resurfacing all the rundown parts in an engine. Regardless of your engine replacement needs

Engine replacement

This amazing machine is what keeps your vehicle moving. Although generally reliable, a car engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown.

Engine Overhaul & Replacement

Our expert services are ideal whether you have a late model import or newer domestic vehicle.

Cylinder Block

A cylinder block is the powerhouse for the motor vehicle. The solid cast car part houses the cylinders and their components (gaskets, valves, and seals) inside a lubricated and cooled crankcase.